Revenue Impact (RI) Story Information and Communication Technology
Competitive Intelligence Offered to Help Client Generate Revenue Impact of USD 2 Mn Leveraging Network Performance Management Solutions

Client Goals

Our client wanted exclusive market insights to grow revenue streams. For the purpose, our engagement model was leveraged to offer following requisite information-

  1. Market share of telecom operators, managed service providers, cloud service providers, and internet service providers with reference to managed network services
  2. Holistic view of network monitoring parameters offered by MNS vendors.

Our Approach

A market share analysis for vendor types providing managed network services was formulated to provide information about the presence of service provider types in the market. The study was backed with an exhaustive list of product offerings of the respective vendors, which helped us identify the vendor types by the type of service offerings.

An analysis of market-sizing based on network monitoring parameters was also undertaken for future market opportunities using analyst hours. Furthermore, our client services assessed use cases to understand the basic modus operandi of managed service vendors and their monetization models.

Our market intelligence platform, KnowledgeStore, powered client with actionable insights. New revenue sources were offered by offering access to all related high-growth niche market survey reports. Causes of revenue shifts and unknowns emerging in client’s and client’s clients’ ecosystems were also studied.

Revenue Shifts Identified

Increasing demand for private LTE network and SD-WAN are expected to drive the growth of the market. In addition, rising popularity of Wi-Fi 6 is also poised to accelerate revenue generation in the market


Increasing adoption of edge computing, 5G private network and CDN are likely to influence the future trajectory of the market.


There has been an increase in the deployment of cloud-managed network services. It is anticipated to boost market growth. In addition, the growing demand for network forensics and CDN is further prognosticated to influence the market favorably.

Revenue Impact (RI)

Based on our research findings, the company gained greater clarity about the competitive landscape of the vendor types providing managed network security along with managed SDWAN, VPN. This, in turn, facilitated a revenue impact of  USD 2  million.


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