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Helped Cloud-Based Solution Provider Identify USD 191Mn Opportunity in Robotaxis

Client’s Goals

A global cloud-based solution providing firm engaged Markets and Markets for increasing its revenues. Our insights into Robotaxi types such as van and bus helped the client to secure its revenue streams. In addition, our engagement model was used to define and solve a series of problems, including understanding of the forecast for Robotaxi (Shuttle) Market (2020 to 2030).

Our Approach

Our engagement model was leveraged to understand the information collected majorly via secondary research as well as primary interviews with the industry. KnowledgeStore, our market intelligence platform, provided access to all major high-growth niche markets likely to influence the future trajectory of the client. Our analyst hours were used for insights on the forecast of the overall ecosystem (client’s, client’s cleints’, and their clients) which included factors such as upcoming shuttle projects in various places across multiple countries. Places considered were universities, company campuses, smart towns, etc. Further, various secondary documents from company websites and other authorized sources were utilized to map the planned launches of the shuttle. Also, forecasting was initiated, taking into consideration key opinions from industry experts and other secondary sources. Our client services ensured identification of blindspots and revenue opportunities for creating revenue impact.

Revenue Shifts Identified

Different sources of shifts in revenue sources across interconnected ecosystems were mapped as a part of our engagement. Insights drawn pointed out that autonomous vehicles involve with a substantial number of devices and these connected devices communicate over IoT sensors for collecting and sharing a substantial amount of data. While data that needs further analysis or permanent storage can be sent to the cloud storage. This process is essential for autonomous vehicles, which require very fast processing speeds.


Sensors and actuators, together with other embedded smart devices can be monetized using cloud platforms to enhance reliability, comfort and improve security of the vehicles while driving. Therefore, the interconnected industries were assessed at different levels.

Unknowns Identified

Our recommendations suggested that the market for artificial intelligence is expected to be the largest for autonomous vehicles as it will be the brain of the autonomous vehicle. Its contribution will be highest as compared with other segments.

Revenue Impact

With our insights, the client was able to decide on strategies that revolve around the development of cloud platforms in various regions across multiple verticals in the autonomous shuttle space. The company identified revenue opportunity of USD 191 Million by the year 2030.

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