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Helped Vehicle Body Manufacturer Identify USD 10 Mn Opportunity

Client’s Goals

A global vehicle body manufacturer leveraged our engagement model to increase its revenue growth. We defined and solved a series of problems for the senior management and helped in identifying opportunities across client’s, client’s clients’, and their clients’ ecosystems. Our engagement entailed finding blindspots across all high-growth niche light commercial vehicle body markets from KnowledgeStore, our AI-driven market intelligence platform. Few of the key problems solved by us are-

Our Approach

As a part of our engagement model, we offered access to all high growth niche markets across KnowledgeStore. Our engagement helped the client to understand information collected via secondary research and primary interviews with industry experts.

Insights were drawn, using analyst hours, from the forecast of the overall ecosystem. Factors such as the lightweight materials used for manufacturing bodies and the demand for tippers, floats, and box bodies in a particular region were also focused on for the identification of opportunities.

The size of the light commercial vehicle body market was derived after taking into consideration the overall vehicle body demand in the logistics, construction, and food & beverage industries in the European, Middle Eastern, and North African regions and forecast with data points gathered from secondary and primary research.

Analysts further helped the client to understand the competitive intelligence on top 10 vehicle body manufacturers identified. Our client services team strategized revenue plan for the client that helped in achieving its goals and create revenue impact.

Revenue Shifts Identified

The convertible LCV market has been witnessing increasing focus on box bodies in comparison with tippers and floats by body manufacturers. Markets and Markets engagement helped in gauging the impact on shifts in revenue sources of our client, client’s clients, and their clients.


Insights offered by us help in estimation of the influence of increase in tie-ups between LCV manufacturers and body manufacturers. It is supposed to help these players in strengthening market positions and market presence.

Unknowns Identified

Our client services, coupled with understanding of revenue shits and interconnected ecosystems, helped in the identification of opportunities. Middle east region is the fastest growing market in comparison to the Europe and North America market because of mining and construction activities. These insights offered enabled our team to help the client in strategizing revenue growth plans.

Revenue Impact

Our insights helped the client in targeting innovative areas and regions of primary importance. From a commercial perspective, our engagement enabled the client to identify strong market potential. With the help of the insights, the client was able to earn additional revenue of ~USD 10 million during the next couple of years from the European, Middle Eastern, and North African regions.

Vehicle Body Manufacturer Identify USD 10 Mn Opportunity


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