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Identified USD 250 Mn Opportunity for Transfer Case and Lubricants Manufacturer

Client’s Goals

A global lubricant manufacturer and supplier engaged Markets and Markets for strategizing revenue growth in North American transfer case and lubricants market. The engagement entailed solving of a series of problems, few of which are as follows-

Our Approach

As a part of our engagement model, KnowledgeStore, our AI-driven market intelligence platform, offered access to all related high-growth niche markets and related technologies. In addition, our analyst hours were used for understanding the data collected via secondary research and primary interviews with industry experts. The forecast of the North America OE market was done taking into consideration factors such as the installation rate of different kinds of transmissions and transfer cases in the economy, mid-size, and luxury vehicle classes.

Furthermore, our team of analysts helped the client by pooling information on top 10 transfer case and transfer case lubricant manufacturers. In addition, insights on shares of the top 5 transfer case and transfer case lubricant manufacturers was offered by mapping who-supplies-whom data available on paid database and secondary sources.

Our client services team helped the client to understand the forecast of the OE market and aftermarket for transfer case lubricants, which was done taking into consideration the installation rates of transfer cases with different lubricant capacities (in liters, pints, and quartz) and replacement cycle of transfer case lubricants required for vehicles. Forecasting was done taking into consideration key opinions from industry experts and other secondary sources.

Revenue Shifts Identified

A steady shift is observed in the use of transfer case mainly into AWD and 4WD of SUVs and premium sedans to fulfill the demand for safety and traction in extreme weather or surface conditions with easy maneuverability. This, in turn, is supposed to drive demand in near future.


Intelligent design implication towards advancement in vehicle technology such as Compact and lightweight transfer cases through optimized case design and hollow cold-forged shafts, among others are likely to leverage usage of lubricants.

Unknowns Identified

Rising demand for lightweight components is presumed to influence demand for chain driven transfer case in upcoming years. Also, the product offers quiet operation and smooth transmission, which is further projected to impact market favorably.

Revenue Impact

Our engagement model helped the client to develop strategies that revolved around developing transfer case lubricants suitable for vehicles equipped with transfer cases in the North American region. In addition, client services were offered to make better decisions on supply contracts with OEMs in the North American region. With the help of our insights, the company identified opportunities of USD 50 million over the next couple of years from the transfer case lubricant OE market and opportunities of USD 200 million over the next three years from the aftermarket. Thus, MarketsandMarkets engagement was able to make a total revenue impact of USD 250 million on the client’s business.

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