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Electrical and Electronic Components Manufacturer Identified USD 40Mn Opportunity in commercial vehicle & off-highway radar market

Client’s Goals

A global manufacturer of electrical and electronic components engaged Markets and Markets for strategies to penetrate commercial vehicle & off-highway radar market. A series of problems were defined for the client to reach its revenue goal. These problems were then solved with the help of actionable insights offered by us. Few of these key problems were-

Our Approach

Our market intelligence platform, KnowledgeStore, offered access to all high-growth niche markets and industry trends. Analyst hours were used for understanding the data collected via secondary research and primary interviews with industry experts. Further, insights into forecast of the overall market was offered after carefully analyzing the model mapping associated with the commercial vehicle & off-highway radar market

The total market size of the commercial vehicle & off-highway radar market was derived by analyzing the average number of commercial and off-highway vehicles equipped with radar at the country level and forecast with the data points gathered from secondary and primary research.

Further, analyst hours were helped in analyzing the influence of interconnected ecosystems of client’s clients and their clients on the future trajectory of the company. In addition, top 25 radar manufacturers were identified through secondary research, paid databases such as Marklines, and other secondary sources. Client services enabled the company to build an effective value proposition and generate revenue impact.

Revenue Shifts Identified

The demand for radar is increasing for CV and Off highway. It is poised to cause shifts in revenue sources for the client, its clients, and clients’ clients.


With the growing adoption of autonomous vehicles, the radar manufacturers are targeting the commercial vehicle & off-highway vehicles as a new target market. This, in turn, is projected to impact the future trajectory of the company.

Unknowns Identified

Our insights identified off highway vehicles as one of the lucrative segments for radar manufacturers. This can be attributed to the increasing demand for autonomous mining, agriculture and construction equipment.

Revenue Impact

Our engagement was able to assist the client in targeting innovative areas and regions of primary importance. From a commercial perspective, our services enabled the client to build a strong relationship with their existing customers. Therefore, with our insights, the client tapped an additional opportunity of USD 40 million at the global level.

Opportunity in commercial vehicle & off-highway radar market


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