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Helped Client Tap into Biomarker Technologies Market in Asia With Revenue Potential of USD 25Mn

Client’s Goals

Our client, a leading provider of analytical laboratory instruments and software, engaged MarketsandMarkets to grow its revenues. Our team offered in-depth intelligence into the interconnected ecosystem across client’s clients and their clients. This, in turn, helped in the early identification of latent opportunities and threats. We defined and solved a series of problems for the client that helped in generating revenue impact. Our team provided actionable insights into the market of biomarkers in clinical diagnostics including drug discovery & development and research globally. The insights offered were specifically focused on Asia Pacific where the business potential is higher than mature markets of North America and Europe. Few of the key problems solved during the engagement were:

Our Approach

We leveraged our AI-driven market intelligence platform, KnowldgeStore, for identifying key technologies used in biomarker identification and profiling. Later, our team identified key applications and diseases where each of these technologies is used. We also interviewed a host of product suppliers and potential customers/end-use industries to understand their unmet needs, possible use cases, and benefits from these technologies as well as what they looked for in a technology partner.

Our analysts expanded the understanding of the market potential across various application areas, including clinical diagnostics, research, and drug discovery. Further, we also helped the client to build an understanding of the competitive landscape, varying business models, and strategies of different players in the biomarker technology market. Our client services team helped the client to devise a differentiated product offering and forge suitable alliances to win in this market.

Revenue Shifts Identified

Presently, there is an increasing focus on the identification of new cancer biomarkers. Checkpoint inhibitors have the fastest growth rate among all the available drug classes against cancer. However, PD1 and L1 are no more considered sufficient. Microsatellite instability (MSI) and deficient MisMatch Repair (dMMR) are now trending. These factors are poised to cause rapid shifts in revenue sources in the interconnected ecosystems. Further, the ongoing research efforts are focusing on understanding potential life-threatening toxicities.


Long-term goals are focused towards development and application of high-dimensional antigen-specific T-cell profiling technology. These goals are backed by purposes, such as finding novel therapeutic targets such as tumor-derived micro vesicles, soluble immune proteins, and metabolites; discovery of more accurate biomarkers of clinical outcomes and prediction of immune response to Immuno Oncology (IO) therapies. Owing to this there will be many collaborations/joint clinical efforts between pharma/biopharma and molecular diagnostics provider companies.

Unknowns Identified

The industry is also focusing on CAR-T Cells, Next Generation ADCs, and combination strategies to target new biomarkers and tap cohort of patients which are non-responsive to immunotherapies. As the vast majority of cancer deaths are the result of these cells forming new tumors resistant to the drugs, the industry is also trying to overcome resistance of various combinations.

Revenue Impact (RI)

Our insights resulted in the client tapping into the global biomarker technologies market pegged at approximately USD 51.5 billion, with projected market of USD 25 million in Asia Pacific in next five years.

Biomarker Technologies Market


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