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Helped Client Tap into USD 100 Mn Opportunity in Fetal and Neonatal Care Equipment Market

Client’s Goals

Our client engaged MarketsandMarkets to increase its revenues. For this purpose, we offered insights into the shifting revenue sources of client’s clients and their clients. A series of problems were defined and solved by us that helped in the early identification and capitalization of latent opportunities. Few of the key questions answered during the engagement were:

Our Approach

We identified key equipment and their types as well as pricing trends that were changing the revenue mix of our client’s clients in hospitals across major markets/regions through our AI-driven market intelligence platform, KnowledgeStore. Our team also interviewed industry players of the market to understand the number of units sold, ASP, and the value market for fetal (labor & delivery) and neonatal care equipment. Further, our analysts expanded the understanding of the market potential by offering insights into the number of units sold per year, along with the price of the equipment in the market.

Revenue Shifts Identified

Healthcare providers are increasingly preferring multiparameter neonatal monitoring as it offers more accurate diagnosis of patient conditions. It is further propelled by continued miniaturization & automation of medical devices including patient monitoring platforms (such as BP monitors, & imaging equipment).


Recent developments in the field of IC chips, power supply components, and battery/energy storage techniques have resulted in development of miniaturized or portable medical devices. This, coupled with related developments in IoT and AI solutions, is expected to disrupt the wearable medical devices market including smart/wearable neonatal monitoring platforms.

Unknowns Identified

Artificial surfactants for lung infection patients, smart wearables, and AI-based infection monitoring solutions are few of the emerging areas those are expected to offer clinicians with improved patient outcomes.

Revenue Impact (RI)

Our client services team helped the client in devising strategic plans to increase volume sales of target fetal/neonatal care products in major geographies so as to result in an additional revenue opportunity of USD 110 million by 2023.

Fetal and Neonatal Care Equipment Market


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