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Helped Client Tap into USD 125 Mn Opportunity in the U.S. Cohesive Medical Bandages Market

Client’s Goals

Our client, a top-ten global technology infrastructure leader, was keen on increasing its revenues. It engages MarketsandMarkets for insights and roadmap to secure new growth avenues. Our team identified latent opportunities by providing insights across adjacent markets, technological disruptions and every crisscross interconnection in ecosystems of client’s clients and their clients. We defined and solved a series of problems to grow the client’s revenues. For this purpose, we offered insights into key sales channels and end user preference criteria for cohesive medical bandages. Few of the key questions solved during the engagement are as follows:

Our Approach

We started by generating a list of the major supply chain stakeholders for the U.S. cohesive medical bandages industry, which was followed by extrapolating revenue mapping of major stakeholders to estimate the revenue generated by the individual sales channel segment. Our team also interviewed various potential customers in these end-use industries to understand their purchase criteria.

Through our AI-driven market intelligence platform KnowledgeStore, we were able to provide the client with an in-depth understanding of the key sales channels and opportunities in the U.S. market. Further, our analysts identified the key sales channels among pharmacies, specialty retail channels, e-commerce platforms, and mass retail channels. Our client services team helped the client build an understanding of the competitive landscape and strategies of different players, and helped the client to increase market rank, shares, and growth potential.

Revenue Shifts Identified

Hydrogel based natural biopolymers are expected to grow significantly owing to their capabilities for self-healing and antiadhesive properties; especially valuable for burn care.


3D printing of biomaterials is currently being explored for their clinical efficacy in diabetic ulcer healing & burn care; with proven capabilities for absorbability, self-adhesion, and integrity.

Unknowns Identified

Currently, advanced delivery systems are being explored for their role in wound treatment such as bioactive stem cell therapies, extra-cellular matrices, and growth factors for faster wound healing.

Revenue Impact (RI)

Our insights resulted in the client tapping into a USD 125 million market, with projected revenue of USD 150 million within five years of our recommendations

U.S. Cohesive Medical Bandages Market


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