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Helped Client Tap into USD 50 Mn Opportunity in 6mV Single-Photon Radiotherapy Systems

Client’s Goals

Our client engaged MarketsandMarkets to grow revenues. For this purpose, we offered insights into the market value of 6mV single-photon radiotherapy systems in developing countries through end-user perception analysis, i.e., knowing the adoption pattern of these systems across end users. We also provided in-depth intelligence across the interconnections between client’s clients and their clients for early identification of latent opportunities. Our team defined and solved a series of problems that helped the client to strategize a roadmap to revenue impact. Few of the key problems solved during this engagement are:

Our Approach

Our team leveraged our AI-driven market intelligence platform, KnowledgeStore, for identifying key players of 6mV single-photon radiotherapy systems that were changing the revenue mix of our client’s clients in end-use industries such as radiotherapy centers and cancer specialty hospitals across South America, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa. We further carried out an end-user perception analysis by interviewing a host of potential end-users to understand the adoption pattern and growth perceptive of 6mV systems, key players of the market, preference of patients for these systems for treatment, unmet needs from the end user perspective, availability of alternatives in the market, and limitations faced by users of 6mv single-photon radiotherapy systems.

Our analysts helped the client to understand the market potential as well as the high impact of these systems in developing countries. Further, we also helped the client build an understanding of the competitive landscape in this market. Our client services team helped the client to devise a differentiated product offering and forge suitable alliances to help them win in these developing markets.

Revenue Shifts Identified

Stereotactic radiotherapy, brachytherapy, and radioimmunotherapy are some of the emerging areas in radiation oncology space; that is expected to shift the user preference in coming decade owing to their lower relapse rate and early patient recovery. This is further supported by growing reimbursement coverage for cancer therapies across major healthcare markets worldwide.


Recent developments in the field of biomarkers have resulted in more accurate and early cancer detection. This is also contributing to greater accuracy of radiation-based treatment with accurate identification of cancer cells resulting in lower risk to healthy cells, leading to early patient recovery and greater clinical success rate.

Unknowns Identified

Additive manufacturing techniques are currently being explored by various stakeholders to develop personalized products for radiation oncology. This is expected to be augmented by related developments in CT & MRI guided radiation procedures.

Revenue Impact (RI)

Our insights helped the client to expand into 6mV single-photon radiotherapy systems market resulting in an incremental revenue of USD 50 million by 2022

Single-Photon Radiotherapy Systems


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