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Helped Client to Expand Seed Business in New Regions with Revenue Impact of USD 100 Mn

Client’s Goals

Our client, a top-notch seed provider in India, engaged MarketsandMarkets to increase revenues. We helped the client to understand opportunities in building a substantive business of seed exports to emerging seeds markets in Southeast Asia and Africa. Our team defined and solved a series of problems and offered a comprehensive view of client’s clients’ and their clients’ revenue mix. This helped in the early identification of opportunities. Few of the key questions angered during the engagement were:

Our Approach

Our analysts assisted the client with an outside-in perspective on the market potential of field crops and vegetable crops such as corn, tomato, okra, and rice by country. Further, through our AI-driven market intelligence platform, KnowledgeStore, we identified the highest potential end-use industries, viz. biofuel industry and animal feed manufacturers, and potential customers in each industry. We also helped the client to understand the competitive landscape, varying business models & strategies of different players to win in these markets. In addition, our team also interviewed a host of potential customers in end-use industries to understand their unmet needs for crop quality and characteristics. With these insights, our client services team helped the client to devise a differentiated product offering.

Revenue Shifts Identified

The Indian Seed market is highly fragmented with presence of key multinational companies and large number of small Indian seed companies which have been creating significant competition.


Growing demand from livestock industry for quality feed, need to increase livestock productivity, and adoption of modern practices for animal husbandry are driving the market for high quality protein sources such as corn and soybean meal, which is further expected to drive seeds market.

Unknowns Identified

Based on the increasing awareness for conventional & genetically modified seeds, government support, and increasing population in this region, the demand for high quality seeds has increasing in Southeast Asia. The seeds market is also rising very steeply in developing countries in Africa such as South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania, and Nigeria.

Revenue Impact (RI)

Our insights resulted in the client to align their market strategies with respect to the seeds business in Kenya, Tanzania, and Nigeria in Africa, and Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines in Southeast Asia. The client generated a revenue impact of USD 100 Mn in the last 4 years. Also, the client was successfully able to establish and grow his cotton seed business in Sub-Saharan Africa, and rice and eggplant (brinjal) in Asia.

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