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Helped Dietary Fiber Manufacturer to Tap Into USD 150 Mn Revenue Opportunity

Client’s Goals

Our client, a US manufacturer of dietary fiber, engaged MarketsandMarkets to grow revenues. We offered insights into its clients’ and clients’ clients’ revenue mix for identifying opportunities to enter the APAC market and expand its current manufacturing facility. Our team defined and solved a series of problems for the client that helped in generating revenue impact. Few of the problems solved during the engagement are:

Our Approach

We leveraged our AI-driven market intelligence platform, KnowledgeStore, to understand the prospects of dietary fiber in the region. Our analysts categorized the focus areas based on product type and identified the regional drivers that will likely impact the client in APAC.

Our insights helped the client to identify application areas with the highest growth opportunities, such as fortified food & beverages and animal feed. Demand for fast-growing dietary fiber types, including soluble dietary fiber, was also identified. Moreover, the regulatory environment was looked into and insights were offered into key active players in the market to understand the best industry practices. The client worked with our client services team to strategize a roadmap for revenue gains.

Revenue Shifts Identified

Consumers are gradually shifting towards product that are rich in nutrition and are good for gut health. The APAC market is gradually shifting towards more advanced products that are dietary rich and provide gut health benefits. The high demand for fiber rich products with functional benefits are constantly growing in demand.


Natural flavor induced products in the form of food & drinks are gaining popularity among consumers. More people are getting aware about the product origin and are therefore opting for products that are good for gut health and have negative effect on the environment.

Unknowns Identified

The functional food intake and the nutrient rich products are gaining prominence through supplements and gums in the APAC market.

Revenue Impact (RI)

We helped client to understand country-level trends in APAC and devise market penetration strategy in high-growth application areas to target potential revenue streams, with projected revenue of ~USD 150 million in three years.

Dietary Fiber Manufacturer


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