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Helped Client Tap into USD 90 Mn Opportunity by Identifying New opportunities for Adjuvants

Client’s Goals

Our client, an American chemical company, wanted to increase its revenues and engaged us to strategize growth trajectory considering the rise in regulatory pressure on synthetic surfactants. We defined and solved a series of questions that helped the client to identify new areas of growth for adjuvants in the global market, especially in the European market. For this purpose, insights were offered into shifts in client’s clients’ and their clients’ revenue mix, interconnected markets, and unknown unknowns emerging out of interconnections. Few of the key problems solved were:

Our Approach

Through our AI-driven market intelligence platform, insights were offered on ongoing developments in agrochemicals and allied industries. Our analysts further provided more detailed intelligence across high growth niche surfactants and utility adjuvants markets. In addition, we offered deep-dive information on drift control, water conditioners, thickeners, and anti-foaming agents. Our client services team suggested that the phasing out of NPE-based solutions would create growth opportunities for agricultural surfactant manufacturers that develop environmentally safe bio-based agricultural surfactants.

Revenue Shifts Identified

Flies have been a nuisance pest in livestock farms, especially in cattle and poultry sector, in the Southern US during the summer season. Whereas during winter season, darkling beetles damages the livestock housing structure. So, these insect pests have been a nuisance to the livestock and there is significant demand among livestock owners to control these insects during peak season. Other than mosquitoes, these pests, even under hygienic conditions, may prevail and can enter from the litter areas nearby livestock housing area.


As darkling beetle populations cause damage to structures, it can increase the cost burden of the farmers and thereby reducing their margins. These farmers, in addition to controlling these insects with pesticides, would also be interested in structural solutions to reduce the prevalence and limit them to a certain area to be easily disinfected. This requires the assistance of pest control solution providers to help them organize insect-proof structural designs. This can overall improve the margins of the livestock owners.

Unknowns Identified

The pesticides used for darkling beetle and housefly control can also be significant use for pet animals. However, these products need to be utilized in different forms, as these products would be used in home environments, such as dust bags and sprays at limited dosages.

Revenue Impact (RI)

Our recommendations assisted the client to deal with the disruptive changes in the adjuvants market. With our insights, the client identified market opportunity of more than USD 800 million in their key product segments. In addition, the potential of bio-based products helped the client to realize and capitalize USD 90 million in revenues in 2 years.

Agricultural Adjuvants Market


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