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USD 200 Mn Opportunity Tapped into by European Feed Manufacturer

Client’s Goals

The client, a top Europe-based feed manufacturer, engaged MarketsandMarkets to grow its revenues. For this purpose, we defined a series of problems and solved them to help the client diversify its business in the feed premix market in Eastern Europe. We worked with the senior management to help them in decision making. Few of the key problems solved were-

Our Approach

Our AI-driven market intelligence platform, KnowledgeStore, was used to identify key trends in the feed premix market that were changing the revenue mix of the client’s clients in end-use segments such as poultry, swine, ruminants, and aquatic animals across Europe. The platform also helped in gaining insight into key trends followed by ingredient manufacturing companies and their potential revenue mix. Analyst hours were utilized to help the client gain a holistic view of the interconnected market scenario, and it’s potential. A host of potential customers in end-use industries were interviewed to understand their unmet needs, possible use cases, and benefits derived from the feed premix manufacturing market, and what they looked for in a feed partner.

Our team helped the client to understand the market potential and identify high impact use cases of enabling feed market expansion such as specialized products for aquaculture and pets. As the demand for customized feed is higher than off-shelf products containing feed premixes due to the non-availability of customized products, we assisted the client to target this market. Further, our client services team also helped the client build an understanding of the competitive landscape, varying business models, and strategies of different players in feed premix manufacturing. Further, the team worked with the client to devise a differentiated product offering and forge a suitable alliance to help the client win this market and generate revenue impact.

Revenue Shifts Identified

Growing demand for feed premix across Eastern European countries with increasing awareness of animal health and welfare to boost the demand for feed premixes and additives.


A shift from conventional feed ingredients towards organic feed premixes to improve the health, immunity and quality of the livestock has been witnessed across Europe with several companies offering organic ingredients in addition to their existing animal feed offerings.

Unknowns Identified

Focus on improving animal health and strong export competition for swine with South American countries have boosted the market growth of feed additives, feed premixes, and phytogenic feed across several European countries. It is likely to unravel new growth avenues for the client.

Revenue Impact

Our insights helped the client to tap into USD 20 billion market, with projected revenue of USD 200 million in 3 years.

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