Revenue Impact (RI) Story Aerospace and Defense
Helped Client Tap into USD 50 Mn Market by Identifying Opportunities in Aviation Industry

Client’s Goals

An industry-leading company in flight control and guidance system engaged Markets and Markets to grow its revenue sources. We offered expert insights on different flight types and defined a series of problems for the client. These problems were solved by our team for the identification of growth opportunities. Few of the key problems solved were-

Our Approach

Through, our market intelligence platform, KnowledgeStore, access to all related technology trends and niche markets was offered. Our analyst hours were used for understanding the information provided. Causes of shifts were identified in client’s and client’s clients’ ecosystems. This, in turn, helped in finding blindspots emerging out of interconnected ecosystems. Client services further helped in strategizing revenue plans for the next couple of years to generate revenue impact.

Revenue Shifts Identified

Emergence of New Aircraft Manufacturers in Asia Pacific has been identified to cause shifts in revenue sources. Also, increasing demand for Lightweight Flight Control Systems and Electric Actuation Systems are presumed to impact the future trajectory of the company.


Rising applications of UAVs/drones are assessed to influence the company’s growth trajectory. Further, more electric aircraft, and avionics are identified to exhibit disruptive potential for client’s growth.

Unknowns Identified

With increasing applications of UAVs, flight control system for UAVs is likely to witness higher demand. This, in turn, is expected to drive company’s growth in near future. In addition, fly by optics and aircraft electrification are few of the areas identified as a part of our engagement that poses immense revenue potential.

Revenue Impact

Our insights helped the client tap into USD 50 million market, with a projected market potential of USD 5 million within three to five years of our recommendations.

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