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Satellite Manufacturer Tapped into USD 120 Mn Market with Our Market Intelligence

Client’s Goals

Our client, a leading manufacturer of small satellites, wanted information on ongoing trends and market growth opportunities. Also, the client was keen to understand the growth trajectory for nanosatellites and microsatellites. As a part of Markets and Markets engagement, following problems were solved for the client-

  1. Identification of growth opportunities with respect to number of satellites forecasted or projected to be launched
  2. Understanding of market landscape at the global level

Our Approach

We were engaged to conduct a study with the below-mentioned objectives, which were achieved to the satisfaction of the client.

With access to all related high-growth niche market survey reports, revenue shifts in connected ecosystems and unknown adjacencies were assessed.

Revenue Shifts Identified

The growth of cloud computing for effective data processing is likely to impact the market. Also, rising demand for situational awareness is poised to cause shifts in revenue sources in the upcoming years. A surge is also observed in the use of small satellites for remote sensing services.


Small satellites will witness a rise in demand due to increasing demand for applications, such as remote sensing and situational awareness. In addition, advancing space launch services are prognosticated to have a positive impact on the market.

Unknowns Identfied

Demand for small satellites for different applications, such as enhanced space imagery and space debris removal, is gaining momentum. Increasing use of transportable ground receiving station is also projected to exhibit favorable impact on market growth.

Revenue Impact

Our accurate insights resulted in the client tapping into a USD 120  million market, with a projected potential of USD 35  million within three years of our recommendations.


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