Revenue Impact (RI) Story Aerospace and Defense
Helped Client Increase Revenues from Aircraft Pressure and Temperature Sensors and Tap into USD 50 Mn Market

Client’s Goals

Our client, one of the top designers, manufacturer, and service provider globally, engaged Markets and Markets to grow revenue sources. For this purpose, we offered insights on aircraft pressure and temperature sensors, which helped the client to secure new revenue streams. A series of problems were defined and solved as a part of our engagement model. Three of these problems solved are-

Our Approach

We assisted the client with an industrial perspective on the market potential of aircraft sensors globally in our AI-driven market intelligence platform, KnowledgeStore. Our insights helped in the identification of competitors like Kulite, Honeywell, Esterline, etc and specific product segments they are in to, aircraft application areas & programs they are serving. Our analyst hours were used to understand the consumer behavior towards specific supplier/competitor for the product category. It also helped in understanding different applications such as the engine, door, environmental control, and landing gear globally. Also, deeper insights were offered based on interconnections that helped the client to identify causes of revenue shifts in its clients’ and clients’ clients’ sources. Client services team further identified potential blindspots in interconnected ecosystems and enabled the client to create revenue impact.

Revenue Shifts Identified

Rising demand for low power consuming sensors was observed to be a primary source of revenue shifts in the interconnected ecosystem. In addition, stricter safety regulations and increasing investments by private equity firms in the aircraft sensors were expected to influence the growth trajectory of the client, its clients, and clients’ clients.


Trends in avionics are poised to impact the company’s growth avenues. In addition, changing demands across cabin interiors and health monitoring system were anticipated to open new revenue streams.

Unknowns Identified

Emergence of Wireless Sensors Networks, on Wings De-Icing Sensors, and Health Monitoring System Sensors were projected to influence growth trajectories of the client, its clients, and clients’ clients.

Revenue Impact (RI)

As a result of our engagement, the client tapped into USD 50 Mn market, with a projected market potential of USD 2 Mn within 3 years.

Aircraft Pressure and Temperature Sensors


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