Revenue Impact (RI) Story Aerospace and Defense
Helped Printed Circuit Board Manufacturer Tap into USD 1 Bn Market

Client’s Goal

The client, an eminent manufacturer of high-value printed circuit boards, was keen to build a substantive business from SATCOM Equipment Market for Space. Markets and Markets engagement entailed solving of a series of problems to help the senior management make crucial decisions. Our analyst hours were used to expand the understanding from KnowledgeStore. Key problems solved by us for the client were

  1. Understanding of the region-based SATCOM Equipment Market for Space for prioritization
  2. Data on regional level satellite launches
  3. Competitive intelligence on top suppliers for satellite communication equipment
  4. Superior understanding of revenue vs. price costs.

Our Approach

We identified key disruptive technology trends with regards to SATCOM Equipment such as 3D Printing RF Equipment and Gallium Nitride (GaN) that changed the revenue mix of our client’s clients in end-use industries such as space satellite operations, scientific research & development, media and entertainment, and defense & intelligence. Our client services offered volume analysis of satellites, which included volumes of information on CubeSats, Small Satellites, Medium Satellites, and Large Satellites in regions such as North America, Europe, the Middle East and the Asia Pacific. Further, we also provided the global list of top suppliers for satellites.

This helped the client to assess the market potential and identify high-impact use cases for tapping into the SATCOM Equipment Market for Space. Also, we supported the client to understand the competitive landscape, varying business models and strategies of different players in the SATCOM Equipment Market for Space. The client could devise a differentiated product offering and forge suitable alliances with the help of our analyst hours.

Market intelligence on client’s and client’s clients’ ecosystem was provided as a part of our engagement model. Causes of shifts in revenue sources and unknown & unknown adjacencies were also included in the market intelligence provided.

Revenue Shifts Identified

Demand for earth observation and communications, Ku- and Ka-Band Satellites, satellite networks to provide internet access, and increasing satellite launches are supposed to impact the growth trajectory.


Rising popularity of earth observation services, and remote sensing are projected to bear influence on the market in the forthcoming years.

Unknowns Identified

Regulatory challenges related to component design, implementation of stricter regulations due to increasing space congestion are few of the foreseen challenges. The rate of adoption of optical technology for inter-satellite communication, and rising popularity of 3D printed RF components are also projected to boost growth opportunities in the market.

Revenue Impact (RI)

The client could tap into an approximate USD 1 billion market, with projected revenue of USD 40 million in three years, based on our expert recommendations.


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