Revenue Impact (RI) Story Aerospace and Defense
Helped Client with Price Benchmarking for Battlefield Management Systems

Client’s Goals

One of the largest aerospace and defense service company engaged with Markets and Markets to increase its revenues. To help our client, we conducted a defense service price benchmarking study for different system providers including battlefield management systems.

Our Approach

Our analyst hours helped in gaining deeper insight into the information offered. Based on the correlation analysis of various competitive players’ defense systems pricing, our client services recommended a model that enabled the client to price their defense services competitively and in line with the competitive methodology.

In-depth market intelligence was offered with access to all high-growth niche markets in our conversational artificial intelligence platform, KnowledgeStore. Client’s and client’s clients’ ecosystems were studied to identify revenue shifts and unknown adjacencies.

Revenue Shifts Identified

The growing demand for weapons integrated with advanced technologies, such as BMS, is likely to drive the shift in revenue sources. Also, the rise in inclination towards the use of multi-sensor data fusion for meeting needs of robust and complete information about an object or an environment is projected to have a positive impact on market growth.


New technologies, such as electronic warfare, network centric warfare, etc. are being adopted by defense sectors across the globe to increase their capabilities. Technological developments are also anticipated to boost different systems being used in the industry, such as C4ISR, mission management systems, and command and control systems. These changes are expected to influence the market.

Unknowns Identified

Adoption of network centric warfare technologies is poised to impact the future trajectory of the market. In addition, integration of artificial intelligence with new warfare techniques is also likely to open new growth avenues.


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