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Technology Solutions Company Identified USD 50Mn Market Opportunity in Tactical Grade IMU

Client’s Goals

A leading technology solutions provider for defense and commercial applications engaged MarketsandMarkets to grow revenues. The client wanted to identify revenue potential in tactical grade IMU. Our insights helped to identify opportunities and blindspots in client’s, client’s clients’ and their clients’ ecosystems. As a part of our engagement model, a series of problems were defined and solved. Few of the key problems solved were-

Our Approach

As a part of our engagement, access to all related technology trends and niche markets was offered through KnowledgeStore, our AI-driven market intelligence platform. Our analyst hours were leveraged for the expansion of understanding of information provided. Causes of revenue shifts were identified in client’s and client’s clients’ ecosystems. This, in turn, helped in finding blindspots emerging out of interconnections in ecosystems. Client services further helped in strategizing roadmap for the next couple of years to generate a revenue impact of USD 5 Million.

Revenue Shifts Identified

Our insights pointed that rise in air passenger and cargo traffic globally is projected to drive revenue growth in the interconnected ecosystem. Also, MEMS adoption in aircraft and defense applications is projected to cause shifts in revenue sources. Further, complexities associated with high-end IMU are expected to impact the future trajectory of the client.


Advancements in AR & VR solutions are identified to play an important role in the growth of the client’s company. Also, rising use of unmanned systems is prognosticated to influence the future trajectory of the client favorably.

Unknowns Identified

Penetration of AR/VR in multiple industries has opened up new revenue opportunities. In addition, development of commercial driverless vehicles is also projected to impact the client favorably.

Revenue Impact

Our insights helped the client to tap into a USD 50 million market, with a projected market potential of USD 5 Million within five years of our recommendations.

Inertial Measurement Unit Market


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