Revenue Impact (RI) Story Aerospace and Defense
Helped Client to Reassess Revenue Strategy and Strengthen Market Position

Client’s Goals

A tier 2 aircraft sensor supplier engaged Markets and Markets to understand competitive landscape and plan its revenues. We defined and solved a series of problems and offered insights that helped the client to grow revenues. Three of the key problems solved for the client were-

Our Approach

As a part of our engagement model, access to KnowledgeStore, our AI-driven market intelligence platform, was offered that helped the client to understand its positioning in the interconnected ecosystem. Our analyst hours were used to expand the understanding of revenue shifts in client’s, its clients’, and clients’ clients’ ecosystems. Also, insights on unknowns in these interconnections were offered. Further, we helped them in identifying customer aircraft programs for their competitors such as Kulite, Honeywell, Esterline and so on in pressure and temperature sensor segments. We covered customer buying criteria and value proposition of their competitors, geographies they are serving, and associated revenues, market potential and so on. Our client services enabled the client to gain deeper insight and make strategic decisions to maximize profits and create revenue impact.

Revenue Shifts Identified

Ongoing industry trends across ecosystems of our client, client’s clients, and clients’ clients were offered insights on. Rising demand for low power consuming sensors is observed to cause changes in revenue sources. In addition, factors such as stricter safety regulations and increasing investments by private equity firms in the aircraft sensors market were also considered for strategic recommendations.


Insights on the impact of health monitoring system in aircraft was offered to the client. Further, we helped in expanding understanding of trends in avionics and cabin interiors.

Unknowns Identified

Emergence of Wireless Sensors Networks, on Wings De-Icing Sensors, and Health Monitoring System Sensors were projected to influence growth trajectories of the client, its clients, and clients’ clients.

Revenue Impact

Our insights helped the client to understand its positioning with respect to the competitors, existing clientele of the competitors, and their product mix. Further, our engagement was able to help our client to formulate revenue enhancement strategy.

Reassess Revenue Strategy and Strengthen Market


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