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Helped Client Tap Into USD 106 Mn Opportunity in Safety Valves Business

Client’s Goals

Our client, a valve provider globally, engaged MarketsandMarkets to increase revenues. Our team offered insights that helped in building a substantive business for safety valves across the globe. We provided in-depth intelligence into the interconnected ecosystems of our client’s clients and their clients. Further, our team defined and solved a series of problems for strategizing a roadmap for the client. Few of the key problems solved during the engagement are:

Our Approach

Our team leveraged our AI-driven market intelligence platform, KnowledgeStore, for expanding the understanding of the market potential for safety valves, market perspectives such as TAM for type, and business structure (MRO or new instalments) in terms of percentage splits by country. Further, our analysts helped the client to identify the highest potential revenue generating safety relief valve type such as conventional, pilot operated, automated and others. We also helped them better understand the competitive landscape, strategies of different players to gain more market share. This, in turn, enabled our client services team to help the client to decide which differentiated product offering to provide, geographic region to target and initially which end-use industry to focus on. We also interviewed a host of potential value chain participants to understand overall market and what they looked for in safety relief valves business. This helped our client refine their value proposition to expand its business in safety valve category.

Revenue Shifts Identified

The adoption of digitization is likely to cause shifts in the revenue sources in the interconnected ecosystem. This is poised to create new opportunities in the market. Further, the rising opportunities in different verticals is also projected to add new revenue sources.


The rising applications of cryogenic valves and Internet of Things (IoT) connected valves are anticipated to impact the future trajectory of the client.

Unknowns Identified

During the engagement, we offered insights into the influence of advanced manufacturing technologies in the client’s revenue mix. Also, our team helped the client to understand the upcoming materials in the paper & pulp industry and its impact on the client’s business.

Revenue Impact (RI)

Our insights resulted in the client tapping into a USD 93 million market, with a projected revenue of USD 106 Mn in 4 years from this strategy. The client was successfully able to start and establish his safety relief valve business in Europe. In coming future, the company is planning to expand its business across the globe.

Safety Valves Business


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