Revenue Impact (RI) Story Semiconductor and Electronics
Helped Client Tap into USD 316 Mn Opportunity by Building Substantive Robot Business

Client’s Goals

Our client, a top-notch tech electronic system integrator globally, was keen to build a substantive business from robot end effector across globe. Our team defined and solved a series of problems that helped the client to generate revenue impact. A comprehensive view of the client’s clients’ and their clients’ future revenue mix was offered that helped in the identification of opportunities and blind spots in the connected ecosystem. Few key questions answered during the engagement were:

Our Approach

We provided an outside-in perspective on the interconnected ecosystem of client’s clients and their clients through our AI-driven market intelligence platform, KnowledgeStore. We also interviewed a host of potential customers in end-use industries to understand their unmet needs, segment attractiveness indices and 3*3 matrix on company attractiveness and what they looked for in a technology partner. This helped our client refine their value proposition to quickly gain share.

Furthermore, our analysts offered insights into the market potential of various robot end effectors such as welding guns, grippers, suction cups, tool changers, and clamps by various industry verticals. Our team helped the client to identify the highest potential end use industries viz. automotive, and potential customers in each industry. We also helped them better understand the competitive landscape, varying business models & strategies of different players to win in these markets. With recommendations from our client services team, the client was able to devise a differentiated product offering.

Revenue Shifts Identified

Increasing interest for Bionic end effectors, surge in adoption of collaborative robots, and increasing adoption of torque force sensors are few of the key drivers of revenues in the client’s clients’ and their clients’ ecosystems.


Insights were offered into adjacent markets such as factory automation, smart factory, and smart manufacturing that are poised to impact the revenue mix of the client in the near future.

Unknowns Identified

Understanding of trends such as growing demand for interoperability software and growing relevance of 3D printing technology were also provided for devising revenue assessment plan.

Revenue Impact (RI)

Our work resulted in the client tapping in a robotic end effector market across precision engineering and optics vertical worth USD 316 Million by 2024.

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