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Identification of M&A Opportunity in Machine to Machine Industry

Business Proposition

Our engagement model was leveraged for drawing insights into potential of revenue synergy in Machine to Machine (M2M) industry. For this purpose, we defined a series of problems faced in the industry associated with partner preference and identification & prioritization of targets. Key questions were answered while solving these problems. Two of the key questions answered are-


Our Approach


Firstly, we gained insights into high-growth niche markets and emerging technology trends in our AI-driven market intelligence platform, KnowledgeStore. These insights were further supported by inputs from our analysts that helped in identification of hot bets and challenges. This information was utilized by client services to identify spaces that can ensure maximum revenue synergy.

Revenue Shifts identified

The causes of shifts in revenue sources were identified-




Insights were offered into interconnected ecosystems-


Unknowns Identified


We expanded the understanding of revenue shifts and interconnections for finding blindspots-

Machine to Machine Industry


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