Revenue Impact (RI) Story Chemical and Materials
Identification of USD 40-50 Mn Market Opportunity in Composites Market

Business Proposition

Markets and Markets leveraged its engagement model for the identification of opportunities in composites market.  For this purpose, a series of problems were defined that posed as challenges. Further, our team solved these problems, decided use cases and upcoming technologies to focus on for maximizing product potential. A comprehensive view of all the macro and micro factors influencing the trajectory of the stakeholders across the value chain helped us answer following questions-


Our Approach


For the identification of opportunities in the said market, insights were gained across all interconnected markets of vendors, client’s clients, and their clients. Our AI-driven market intelligence platform was used for gaining these insights. In addition, our team of analysts further expanded the understanding of emerging trends to identify blindspots and upcoming opportunities. Client services included in our engagement model helped with the strategy that can help client tap into USD 40-50 Mn market opportunity.

Revenue Shifts identified

The causes of shifts in revenue sources were identified-




Insights were offered into interconnected ecosystems-


Unknowns Identified


We expanded the understanding of revenue shifts and interconnections for finding blindspots-

Composites Market


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