Revenue Impact (RI) Story Semiconductor and Electronics
Helped a Prominent Semiconductor Vendor to Increase Its Potential Revenue by USD 100 million

Business Proposition

Markets and Markets was engaged to secure revenue streams and make strategic decisions for increasing revenues. Our team defined a series of problems and solved them that helped the client to build strategic foresights. With our insights the client was able to enter new regions. One of the key problems solved was deciding which region or countries should we target to accelerate revenue of advanced ceramics segment, considering automobile industry and its ongoing phase of maturity in most of the Western nations.

Our Approach

As a part of our engagement model, access to high-growth niche markets was offered in our AI-driven market intelligence platform, KnowledgeStore. These insights helped in understanding the interconnected ecosystems of our client, client’s clients, and their clients on both regional and global level. Analyst hours were used to expand the understanding of the insights offered. Further, client services team build customized strategy with quick turnaround time for the client to tap into new regional markets.

Revenue Shifts identified

The causes of shifts in revenue sources were identified-


Insights were offered into interconnected ecosystems-

Unknowns Identified

We expanded the understanding of revenue shifts and interconnections for finding blindspots-

Prominent Semiconductor


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