Revenue Impact (RI) Story Chemical and Materials
Helped Client with Exclusive Market Intelligence to Increase Penetration in ANZ Market

Client’s Goal

Our client, a top European adhesives, resins, gelcoats, and specialty polymers manufacturer, was keen to increase its market penetration in the ANZ market. Markets and Markets entailed solving of a series of problems to help the client gain market share in the said geography. Key problems that were solved during the engagement were-

  1. Identification of product-based segments and end-use industries for prfit maximization
  2. Competitive intelligence with insights on major manufacturers and distributors in target countries
  3. Build value proposition for target customers

Our Approach

For each product type, we assisted the client with an outside-in perspective on the market potential in various end-use segments such as marine, land transportation, infrastructure, swimming pools, and others, by country. Further, with access to KnowledgeStore, we helped them identify the highest potential application area for the respective end-use segments in each country. Our analyst hours helped them better understand the competitive landscape as well as the business models & strategies that different players use to win in these markets. This, coupled with client services, helped them devise a differentiated product offering. Interviews with a host of potential customers in end-use industries were conducted to understand their unmet needs, the pull for target products, and what they looked for in a product. This helped our client refine their value proposition to quickly gain a market share.

An assessment of client’s and client’s clients’ ecosystem was offered as a part of our engagement model. Shifts in revenue sources and emerging unknown and unknown adjacencies were also studied in the market intelligence provided.

Revenue Shifts Identified

In the marine industry, composite adhesives are widely used in glass bonding, artificial deck bonding, deck-to-deck-spider-hull bonding, etc. This industry is a major contributor of Australia's GDP. Higher usage of high-speed, light-weight boats are leading to proliferated demand for composite adhesives. There is a booming demand for leisure vehicles such as motorhomes and caravans in ANZ which is anticipated to drive the market for gelcoats in this region.


Rail industry in ANZ  pertain to certain regulatory guidelines. Light-weight fire resistant composites used in trains are driving the demand for composite adhesives in this region.

Unknowns Identified

High speed trains and mass transit buses are the emerging applications of vinyl ester in ANZ. Vinyl ester based composites are mostly used as a replacement of metals to reduce weight and improve damage control. Fiberglass is a trending material in all types of buildings. It is also commonly used in tanks and pipes used in the mining sector, leading to a higher demand for composite adhesives.

Revenue Impact (RI)

Our findings helped the client to penetrate a USD 46 million for unsaturated polyester, USD 24 million for gelcoat, USD 12 million for vinyl ester, and USD 17 million for composite adhesives, with projected revenue of USD 2.5 million, USD 1 million, USD 1 million, and USD 1 million markets, respectively in 5 years. The insights offered by us helped the client to establish and grow their unsaturated polyester, gelcoat, vinyl ester, and composite adhesive resin business in ANZ.


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