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M&A Opportunity Identification and Partner Prioritization in Lubricants Market

Business Proposition

MarketsandMarkets, through its engagement, identified the need of partnership, estimated synergy, targeted and prioritized prospects to become partners for lubricants manufacturers in India. A series of problems were defined and solved taking into consideration all the macro and micro factors influencing the trajectory of the stakeholders across the value chain. Few of the key questions answered were-

Our Approach

For capitalizing on opportunities in Indian lubricants market, our team mapped new use cases against client’s clients’ revenue sources through insights from KnowledgeStore, our AI-driven market intelligence platform. This helped in identifying new growth opportunities and prioritize partners that can enable to tap into these opportunities. For this purpose, detailed insights were gained through our analysts into adjacent markets and interconnected ecosystems. Further, our client services team strategized, identified and prioritized targets based on revenue potential.

Revenue Shifts identified

The causes of shifts in revenue sources were identified-


Insights were offered into interconnected ecosystems-

Unknowns Identified

We expanded the understanding of revenue shifts and interconnections for finding blindspots-

Lubricants Market


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