Revenue Impact (RI) Story Chemical and Materials
Helped Client to Gain Market Share in Europe with Projected Revenue Potential of EUR 3-4 Mn

Client’s Goal

Our client wanted to grow revenue sources in Europe and enter into the European Concrete Repair Mortars (CRM) market. Information on key market divergences were offered as a part of Markets and Markets engagement model. Few of the key problems solved were-

  1. Understanding of markets segments based on products and end-use
  2. Identification of lucrative product application methods in multiple customer segments

Our Approach

Our analyst hours were used to undertake a market intelligence study which helped the client understand current and future market scenarios of the top 15 countries conducive for its business within Europe.

KnowledgeStore platform was leveraged as a part of our engagement model. Access to all related high-growth niche markets were provided to uncover new revenue sources. Shifts in revenue sources and unknown adjacencies in connected ecosystems of our client and client’s clients were analyzed in detail through our client services.

Revenue Shifts Identified

Focus on increasing life span of existing buildings to ensure increased public safety and handling of increased number of population and migrants into Europe is poised to impact market growth. Deteriorating Condition of Existing Infrastructure and increased budget allocation by some European countries for new infra and renovation, coupled with shift towards renewable energy generation is also anticipated cause shifts in revenue resources.


Reduction of carbon footprints resulting in investment in renewable energy generation is projected to influence future trajectory of the market. Wind mills, hydroelectric power stations do need concrete foundations/repair of existing infra which results in a huge opportunity for material solutions providers.

Unknowns Identified

Rise of new construction technologies such as self-healing concrete could pose a significant challenge to suppliers as it reduces the need for repair.

Revenue Impact

Our research insights led to an additional future revenue of EUR 3-4 million in next two quarters from the overall European CRM market with a targeted gain of 2% of the incremental market size by 2024.


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