Revenue Impact (RI) Story Chemical and Materials
Helped Client to Penetrate High-Growth Application Segments with Revenue Potential of USD 10-15 Mn

Client’s Goals

A leading industrial lubricants manufacturer wanted to secure revenue streams and increase growth potential. The client wanted data on end-use industries. Markets and Markets engagement helped in the solving of a series of problems to boost revenue growth of the client. Few key problems solved were-

  1. Understand the market split for all the end-use industries
  2. Analysis of the market split by base oil and product types
  3. Preparation of a strategy for market entry into new applications

Our approach

Using analyst hours, the client identified high growth applications that will impact future revenue mix within the industrial lubricant ecosystem. Our Artificial Intelligence based platform, KnowledgeStore, was leveraged to gain insights into all lubricants high-growth nice markets. In the due process, causes of revenue shifts in interconnected industries, known and unknown adjacencies were also assessed using client services.

Revenue Shifts Identified

Power generation and construction industry holds potential for market growth. New geographical sources can help tap into growth opportunities in the construction industry. Turbine oil used in power generation can help in further with market penetration.


Increasing emphasis on promoting renewable energy to reduce carbon footprint and increasing demand for electricity will lead to new installations of wind mill projects and sub-sequent demand for turbine oil. Also, increasing number of on and off-highway electric vehicle will generate more demand for electricity and offer opportunities for power generation industry

Unknowns Identified

Electric Off-highway equipment developed to be used in construction and mining industry to disrupt the demand of conventional lubricant and generate demand for electric vehicle fluid.

Revenue Impact

The information offered by us impacted the client's revenue with an additional USD 10-15 million by 2024 from the industrial lubricants business.


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