Revenue Impact (RI) Story Chemical and Materials
Helped Client Expand into Africa and Southeast Asia with Pest Control Products and Revenue Potential of USD 85 Mn

Client’s Goals

Our client engaged MarketsandMarkets to increase its revenues. For this purpose, we provided in-depth intelligence on the shifting revenue sources in the interconnected ecosystem of our client’s clients and their clients. Our team defined and solved a series of problems that helped the client to generate revenue impact. Further, we expanded the understanding of market opportunities in Africa and Southeast Asia for its insect pest control products. Many queries/questions were answered for the client that helped the senior management in making crucial decisions.

Our Approach

Our analysts helped in the identification of high-growth market segments, pests, and control methods through our AI-driven market intelligence platform, KnowledgeStore. We also helped the client in understanding the potential demand in these markets and partners to strengthen their distribution channels.

Revenue Shifts Identified

The growing incidences of lesser effectiveness of chemical pesticide active ingredients due to increasing pest resistance has been a significant factor in the combined adoption of chemical and biological control products. Bioinsecticide products are gaining significant traction than other products for its effective usage in combination with chemical insecticides.


Growing pressure on farmers to reduce pesticide residue levels backed by rising awareness of organic practices and increasing development of high-tech farms in both developing and developed markets have been impacting the biological products in a positive manner.

These factors have been supporting the growth of the biopesticides market from the demand side (front end) of the supply chain. The adoption of biopesticides would increase the premium price of high-value cash crops to be exported.

Unknowns Identified

Advancement in RNAi research is expected to help the biopesticides industry in effectively killing the insects without increasing the chance of insect resistance. The RNAi technology, unlike Bt protein technology, would trigger off the sequence for protein production and thereby killing the insects. But the part that would it be a complete biological control method (organic method), unlike GM technology, would be up for debate, but it is still a novel technology gaining significant research expenditure from Bayer-Monsanto and Corteva. However, this could be a potential game changer for biopesticides industry.

Revenue Impact (RI)

Our insights helped the client tap into the high-growth markets of Africa and Southeast Asia, by increasing revenues by USD 85 million.

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