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Explore the high potential markets with actionable insights and disruptive trends with Growth Innovation Index

MarketsandMarkets has designed the GII tool to help businesses identify the high potential, untapped revenue opportunities. GII takes the pulse of the latest innovation trends highlighting the areas of innovation and strength in real-time.

Reduce a quarter in analyzing the market and access the emerging growth prospects with a 5-year CAGR. Opt-in for a scalable move within or beyond your current industry!

What's Your Growth Innovation Index ?

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What to Expect?

  • Base Score
    Growth ratio for markets of the company vs. all the available markets within the industry trend
  • Business Scope
    Number of high growth markets with 5 years CAGR
  • Trend Factor
    Average growth factor for industry trend

What Will You Gain ?

Present Market Scenario

Understand Your Current Development Stage With Insights On Improvement Areas And Market Changes

Emerging Trends

Explore The Emerging Market Disruptions And Growth Opportunities To Tap Into - For A Successful Business Setting

Competitive Landscape

In-Depth Analysis Of The Accessible Market Scopes And Track Where Your Competitors Operate In

New High-Growth Opportunities

Identify Your Potential Success Scenario With Compelling Insights To Deliver The Desired Solutions

GII Score Significance

The GII score indicates your growth ratio in respect to the peers. Delve into the GII tool & find your potential into the unexplored market horizons.

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