Thought leaders build revenue pipelines, enter new markets, outpace competitors and stay relevant

The lifeblood of the B2B CMO function is sustainable and predictable demand. CMO’s today have a whole host of products and partners who enable campaign automation and analytics – and marketing transactions have acquired a whole new dictionary with terms like Performance Marketing, CAC, ABM, CTR, CTA and much more. All of these are excellent at driving and measuring efficiency of marketing transactions. How about effectiveness of these transactions translating to the desired outcome – i.e. Demand?

In B2B Industries, the most effective demand strategies focus on channel, product and customers. Channels like direct sales, partners, distributors etc require enablement. On the product side, tracking micro market growth trends for diversifying use cases and enabling new product introduction are powerful sources of demand. On the customer side, Net new “must win” customers require competitive differentiation and installed base buying centre and wallet share expansion require significant account-based intelligence.

For the 21st Century CMO, effectiveness is a function of 2 things. Actionable intelligence around micro-markets and customers; and thought leadership content that creates standing with markets and accounts. MnM has developed the CMO’s Value Toolkit which has been successful in driving ABM for a leading energy company, new market expansion for a tech OEM, new industry entry whitepapers for an industrials company, developing an entirely new TAM for the CMO of a leading medical devices company and many more…

MnM frequently engages in outcome based commercial models with CMO clients through a demand guarantee program. Protection Status