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Improve Your Wallet Share Using Account Intelligence

Are you looking to:

  • Increase Executive, C-suite, and Board-level engagement in your strategic accounts
  • Increase the deal size and reduce the deal cycle
  • Improve demand effectiveness to capture a larger wallet share in your strategic accounts
  • Expand your addressable market among target customers by identifying their innovation areas and newer business models

Unleash the power of data-driven account insights

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Account IQ - An Enterprise Sales Enablement 'Value Tool' with a Man-Machine offering to improve wallet share and demand effectiveness in select top accounts

Why should you engage with MarketsandMarkets?
  • Readily available insights around 30,000+ niche and emerging market segments along with interconnected ecosystem view
  • Unique man + machine growth program model, allowing you to track real-time insights impacting you, your clients, your clients' clients, partners, and all interconnected markets impacting your key applications, use cases, and sub-verticals
  • Establish seamless coordination among your teams with parallel support and execution for all concerned stakeholders
  • End-to-end handholding until operationalized

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MarketsandMarkets™ helped us build new $1 billion demand across our top 100 accounts by identifying intersections between our key themes and our customers' growth areas.
- A $15+ billion Information Technology Company

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