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Improve Your Wallet Share Using Account Intelligence

Are you looking to:

  • Increase Executive, C-suite, and Board-level engagement in your strategic accounts
  • Increase the deal size and reduce the deal cycle
  • Improve demand effectiveness to capture a larger wallet share in your strategic accounts
  • Expand your addressable market among target customers by identifying their innovation areas and newer business models

Unleash the power of data-driven account insights

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Empower your client-facing team to sell faster and bigger by staying relevant and informed with Account Intelligence

Account IQ - Insights into disruptive trends impacting your accounts revenues and share of wallet, an overview of their business strategy, whitespaces, potential opportunities in high growth markets, and more to enable sales and marketing teams to inject relevance and effectiveness into every engagement stage

Account Nudges (Connect IQ) - Curated insights on key disruptions, trends, and most recent activities impacting the account, its latest developments, strategic initiatives, investments, partnerships, and top competitors, changes in their GTM strategies, current deals, and more that helps you stay engaged with your accounts, prospects, and active customers

Buying Center Expansion - Identify and map new BUs within the account, analysis of BU product fit, potential opportunity analysis, etc., to enable your sales team to penetrate their strategic accounts and build business relationships for additional revenues from the customer

Value Proposition & Right-to-Win vs. Competitor - Insights into your top competitors, their existing market share, marketing plans, and battle cards to help your sales team define your value proposition to clients and enable you to build strategies to win against your competitors

Why should you engage with MarketsandMarkets?
  • Readily available insights around 30,000+ niche and emerging market segments along with interconnected ecosystem view
  • Unique man + machine growth program model, allowing you to track real-time insights impacting you, your clients, your clients' clients, partners, and all interconnected markets impacting your key applications, use cases, and sub-verticals
  • Establish seamless coordination among your teams with parallel support and execution for all concerned stakeholders
  • End-to-end handholding until operationalized
MarketsandMarkets™ helped us build new $1 billion demand across our top 100 accounts by identifying intersections between our key themes and our customers' growth areas.
- A $15+ billion Information Technology Company

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