Thought Leadership-led Demand Generation

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Create a More Effective Demand Engine Using Thought Leadership Marketing

Are you looking to :

  • Increase your campaign engagement and conversations by targeting companies using thought leadership?
  • Create #1 Share of Voice (SoV) among competitors in your industry?

Unleash the power of effective communication

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Drive your campaign performance and generate an effective demand pipeline with thought leadership-driven demand generation offering by MarketsandMarkets

Thought leadership content for campaigns - Create effective demand and higher Share of Voice (SoV) with thought leadership content and content channel recommendations aligned with the target audience.

Campaign IQ/Partner Marketing - Create thought leadership content and content channel recommendations aligned with the target audience. Boost engagement and conversion rates with targeted messaging specific to the issues and pain points associated with their current technologies in the form of whitepapers, films, etc.

Events/Roadshows - Get higher lead qualifiers and meeting rates by identifying localized TG and delivering the right content for a conversation to create a more effective event/roadshow.

Account-based Marketing - Know your customer and customer's customer to identify the right adjacencies and blind spots to create the right account nudges, resulting in higher account engagement and wallet share

Sales Play/Sales Priority & Localization - Deliver higher relevancy via localized content and insights deployment, resulting in higher brand awareness, community growth, and engagement.

Positioning & Differentiation via 360Quadrants - Establish leadership position via 200+ objective criteria to build robust micro-market standing, resulting in higher domain leadership perception.

Why should you engage with MarketsandMarkets?
  • Readily available insights around 30,000+ niche and emerging market segments along with interconnected ecosystem view, along with 100+ industry trends, 12 mega trends, and cataloged companies to kickstart customized whitepapers with 40% readiness
  • Build ideal customer profiles for the account-based marketing program by leveraging on the US$ 47+ Bn revenue success stories
  • Unique man + machine growth program model, allowing you to track real-time insights impacting you, your clients, your clients' clients, partners, and all interconnected markets impacting your key applications, use cases, and sub-verticals
  • Establish seamless coordination among your teams with parallel support and execution for all concerned stakeholders
  • End-to-end handholding until operationalized
MarketsandMarkets helped us enhance our perception among industrial customers via thought leadership driven account-based marketing, resulting in 3X pipeline and larger deal size
A subsidiary of a $20+ billion industrial services company

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