MarketsandMarkets gathers and analyses raw data across 10 major B2B verticals to provide market intelligence that enables companies to outperform competitors improve current offerings and detect market disruptions early. We also identify new-age business opportunities, develop market entry strategies and actionable insights so our clients can enjoy first mover advantage.


Aerospace & Defense

Defence and aerospace organisations need to incorporate key strategic and technological advancements to stay effective

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Automotive & Transportation

Electric vehicles and autonomous technology are driving the transportation industry into a bold new era

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Smart, precision farming creates more efficient, equitable, and environmentally sustainable ways to feed the world.

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Chemicals & Materials

Chemical industries are being reshaped by demand for cleaner products, functionality and reduced environmental impact.

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Energy & Power

Your business can become energy-intelligent through our deep domain knowledge of electrification and digitalisation

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Food & Beverage

Changing consumer patterns and technologies have flipped the current food production systems on their heads.

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Packaging, Construction, Mining & Metals

E-commerce, environmental norms and robotics are serious game-changers for the packaging, construction and mining industries

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Digital health technology, robotics and AI are changing the science and economics of traditional healthcare

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Information & Communications Technology

Radical innovations in information and communication technology are being widely implemented across sectors and industries.

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Semiconductor & Electronics

Semiconductors, essential components of electronics are rapidly improving communications, computing, healthcare and countless other applications.

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