Market intelligence helps your teams engage with clients and make operational decisions according to customer needs

The modern Strategy leader for a B2B organisation today faces disruptions in technology and business models that are creating $25 Trillion of new revenue streams while also displacing a similar amount of existing revenue. This makes it imperative for the role to be able to balance growth and risk simultaneously for their business. In fact, if you are not executing for growth – you are immediately at risk in today’s economy.

MnM has a simple solution for Strategy leaders – the growth funnel. Strategy demands that you are able to expand addressable market significantly to new technologies and use cases when capturing innovation ideas (both internally and externally). This idea capture calls for significant exposure of employees to market adjacencies, the company’s own blind spots, competitive action and the growth agenda’s of customers and the customer’s customer. The funnel then needs to develop strategic prioritisation models which ensure that the company is able to focus on both market potential as well as ability to serve. And finally – there is need to narrow into key ideas for execution both in terms of designing the idea for success as well as executing through to the GTM

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