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Gain Market Share in Competitive Intensive Markets

  • Do you struggle to build competitive differentiation in focused markets strategically?
  • Does your GTM engine not have sufficient intelligence to react in real-time to track competitive activities?
In an increasingly competitive business environment, keep a close eye on your key competitors to beat them at their weak spots

Unleash the power of data-driven insights

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Why should you engage with MarketsandMarkets?
  • Readily available insights around 30,000+ niche and emerging market segments along with interconnected ecosystem view, mapped with 70,000+ B2B companies
  • Unique man + machine growth program model, allowing you to track real-time updates around your competitors, their clients and clients' clients, partners, and all interconnected markets
  • 360Quadrants - A unique vendor evaluation matrix with an in-depth assessment of top vendors across 150+ evaluation criteria. Also, the ability to create customized and niche quadrants focused on your strength areas
  • End-to-end handholding until operationalized

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MarketsandMarkets™ helped us gain 5% incremental market share in the automotive sector with real-time competitive insights, customer perception analysis, and differentiated positioning.
A $5+ billion specialty materials company

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