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Create a robust GTM strategy for new markets

  • Are your existing teams insufficiently enabled to play in your new markets?
  • Do you feel your expertise in 'Business as Usual' cannot be leveraged to identify your 'Right to Win' in new growth markets?
While you embark on your journey to new and lesser-known markets, enable your team to identify the right way to enter those markets and win!

Unleash the power of data-driven insights

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  Provocation Discovery Diagnostic Design Recommendation
Key Questions What are we trying to accomplish? What are the potential markets? Where should we compete and what must we deliver? What go-to-market approach is optimal? What is winning worth?
Focus Clarify desired outcome / objectives Identify market attractiveness factors and 'as-is' situation Understanding the opportunity to create deferential advantage Identify and assess market channel options The best channel approach
Inputs / Tasks
  • Review market data
  • Validate project approach
  • Design & schedule work plan
  • Organize core & steering teams
  • Identify, define & map markets
  • Determine buying processes and choice drivers
  • Assess addressable markets w/attractiveness criteria
  • Determine company's ability to compete in attractive markets
  • Identify key buying influencers & desired behavioural objectives
  • Determine the optimal offering & positioning for target markets
  • Determine ideal channel partner criteria
  • Identify, assess and prioritize potential channel partners by target markets
  • Develop recommendation for go-to-market approach
  • Market channel positioning platform tested
  • Organizational alignment assessed
Outcomes Goal alignment / validation Verify the nature of the market opportunity Determine how you will 'win' Determine how you will 'play' (GTM Model) Identify how you will measure results (metric)
Why should you engage with MarketsandMarkets?
  • Readily available insights around 30,000+ niche and emerging market segments along with interconnected ecosystem view
  • Unique man + machine growth program model, allowing you to track real-time insights impacting you, your clients, your clients' clients, partners, and all interconnected markets impacting your key applications, use cases, and sub-verticals
  • Establish seamless coordination among your teams with parallel support and execution for all concerned stakeholders
  • End-to-end handholding until operationalized

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MarketsandMarkets™ helped us draft and execute a winning GTM strategy for our analytical products in adjacent industries with $1+ billion incremental revenue growth
A $40+ billion analytical instrumentation company

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