Published DATE : 13 January 2022


The Labs of the Future

With the Innovation, Collaboration, and Technology converging, what does the COVID19 pandemic mean for...

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Published DATE : 7 March 2022


Data Centres are no longer the energy

Does the very phrase "sustainable data centre" sound like an oxymoron to you? With our daily lives becoming increasingly co-dependent on data centres, the realisation that they

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Published DATE : 7 March 2022


Back to the Future-In an EV

Henry Ford and Thomas Edison's fantasy of electrified transportation is becoming a reality 100 years after petrochemical fuels...

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Published DATE : 9 May 2022


Digitization of Energy Grids

The global marketplace has undergone a significant transformation with all things becoming digital - thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic! This digitalized era sees

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Published DATE : 6 Jun 2022


The New Design for Circular Economy

Pranjal Sharma, in a discussion with Corey Glickman, Global Head for Sustainability and Design Consultant Services, Infosys, delves into the emerging importance of building a circular economy as opposed

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Published DATE : 12 July 2022


Electrification Roadmap for Commercial Vehicles

We all know that auto manufacturers have mastered the art of designing, validating, and building vehicles with internal combustion engines over the last century. However, as vehicles evolve with new technologies,

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Published DATE : 12 Aug 2022


Future of Robotics Surgery

Since the early da Vinci robot surgery - the first to be approved for general laparoscopic minimally invasive surgery of the abdomen or pelvis using a camera - the field of robotic-assisted surgery has exploded due to the drastic

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