More and more businesses are embracing sustainable practices across their industries, resulting in stronger communities and a healthier environment.

However, the question here is how sustainable is a sustainability-led investment, especially when the fear of global recession looms over our heads, inflation is at an all-time high, and energy prices are soaring due to the ongoing invasion.

Gain the first-mover advantage

The biggest concerns of today's CXOs are knowing what their customers want, realigning portfolios to green assets, and matching the revised production costs with their traditional counterparts. So, how can organizations define their actual silver lining?

There is no silver bullet to achieving one's sustainability goals - industry, governments, and academia all need to play a pivotal role. Organizations must stay firm on their sustainability plan to cash in opportunities related to new revenue growth, increased valuations, and low cost of operations by using more sustainable products/processes and lower regulatory compliance risk.

Walking the talk

COP-26, held in 2021 in Glasgow, provided the necessary drive for businesses and the investor community to embrace sustainability as a critical lever for growth. However, can this momentum sustain as we enter a new era of uncertainties?

The ongoing COP-27 in Egypt is already mirrored by geopolitical and economic pressures, not to forget the short-term energy needs versus clean energy transition pathways. While the fundamental debate about curbing emissions remains the same, the global economy is again exposed to supply-side shocks caused by disruptions in energy D/S imbalance.

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What are the opportunities and challenges in achieving sustainability?

How can organizations realize their triple-bottom-line goal in an environment full of uncertainties?

Why is sustainability a must-have to drive revenue growth and business valuation?

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