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Most traditional organisations who are large spenders on R&D (global R&D spends are in the region of $2 Trillion) are seeing declining productivity from this investment. Simultaneously, start-ups with shoestring R&D budgets are driving massive valuations. A clear theme emerging across R&D and Innovation leaders globally is the need to be enabled on the commercial side of innovation; the ability to gauge economic feasibility early, write stronger funding proposals, help in commercialisation of ideas – and most importantly, driving an innovation funnel which has the ability to harness early-stage ideas, qualify them and build the right business case for investment.

The need for effective Innovation is increasing exponentially against the backdrop of a global economy where disruption is transforming $25 Trillion of revenue streams in the B2B economy during the current decade. The effectiveness of an organisation’s innovation process determines their balance between risk and opportunity.

MnM’s Value Toolkit for the CTO / Innovation Leader is shaped as an Innovation Funnel that examines market opportunity, competitive insight and blind spots to identify early-stage ideas, commercially qualifies them and assists the client in creating a business case that drives prioritisation around ROI.

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