MI Cloud allows all employees, regardless of rank, democratic access to cutting edge market research data. It helps B2B companies translate growth intelligence to revenue intelligence, enables teams and partners to collaborate on analysis, insights and decision making while identifying niche market opportunities arising out of disruptions. It also enables gathering of intelligence by taking advantage of proven and highly scalable data analysis and insights.

Our client offers total office solutions that streamline and centralize document management processes. It was keen to build a substantive business of cost-effective and highly-efficient RPA solutions in the APAC region as well as globally. The senior management needed to take a host of crucial decisions—what are the RPA-based technologies to focus on, which countries in APAC and other regions to prioritize, which end-use industries to focus on, and what value proposition will help the company win.

MnM Approach

MnM started by identifying key disruptive technological trends that were changing the revenue mix of our client as well as our client’s clients in end-use industries such as BFSI, telecommunication & IT, retail, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare. MnM also interviewed a host of potential customers in these end-use industries to understand their unmet needs, possible use cases, and the benefits of these robotic process automation technologies as well as what they looked for in a technology partner. 

This helped the global technology provider to assess the market potential and high-impact use cases of digital transformation solutions such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), artificial intelligence, and cognitive abilities. Further, MnM also helped the client to build an understanding of the competitive landscape, varying business models, and strategies of different players in the robotic process automation market. This helped the client to devise a differentiated product offering and forge suitable alliances to help it win in the APAC market as well as globally. 

Revenue Impact (RI)

We presented the client with an opportunity worth approximately USD 500 million in the global Robotic Process Automation market, with a projected growth rate of approximately 30% in five years. 

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