MI Cloud allows all employees, regardless of rank, democratic access to cutting edge market research data. It helps B2B companies translate growth intelligence to revenue intelligence, enables teams and partners to collaborate on analysis, insights and decision making while identifying niche market opportunities arising out of disruptions. It also enables gathering of intelligence by taking advantage of proven and highly scalable data analysis and insights.

Client’s Problem Statement
Client approached MnM for assessment of different technologies used in flexible display like carbon nanotubes, carbon nanobuds, metal mesh etc. and identify the relative lucrativeness of one over the other.

MnM Approach
MnM provided a complete landscape of the technologies under concern with key trends, developments and future contracts along with the market players involved which helped client understand the potential applicability of the technology under concern along with practical use cases for each of them.

Revenue Impact (RI)
MnM helped client tap $5 billion market and realize a revenue impact of close to $200 million, with respect to relevant applications to give a clear view on which ones to prioritize and de-prioritize

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