MI Cloud allows all employees, regardless of rank, democratic access to cutting edge market research data. It helps B2B companies translate growth intelligence to revenue intelligence, enables teams and partners to collaborate on analysis, insights and decision making while identifying niche market opportunities arising out of disruptions. It also enables gathering of intelligence by taking advantage of proven and highly scalable data analysis and insights.

Client's Problem Statements:

The client, offering a wide range of services that included compliance with information law such as the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), was using an extranet for its constant need of document and case collaboration with the clients. The extranet was tricky to manage with a lot of maintenance involved. Also, this was a time consuming and resource heavy process. The senior management was keen to identify a simple yet robust solution for this constant need. They were looking out for a solution that would not only allow opportunities for additional responsiveness and accessibility capabilities, but also could also adopt to future needs, helping them create a differentiated experience for their clients.

MnM Approach:

MnM helped the client in understanding the capabilities a VDR solution can offer and bring value in terms of streamlining their litigation process and making a revenue impact in terms of cost savings. With the help, the client could visualize the benifits of adopting a VDR solution that provided a convenient online space to collaborate, and a secure way to share documents. The client realized the potential of a VDR solution that would enhance the trust business partners place in the company during M&A due diligence, capital raising, legal document management, regulatory risk management, commercial real estate transactions among various other activities. It helped the client gain a comprehensive understanding of the solution and the factors impacting the future outlook that'll make positive business transformations within the company, saving both time and resources while raising efficiency.

Furthermore, MnM also helped the client better understand and compare the various VDR software and service providers, the features and functionalities offered by them and their pricing strategies. Through the approach, matched with MnM's robust competitive analysis, the client was eventually able to identify and access the solution potential and high-impact use cases for adopting the VDR solution best suited to their specific needs.

Revenue Impact (RI): 

MnM aided the client to devise a differentiated strategy which it formulated to be able to reach higher efficiencies, save revenue spends, meet client expectations, and successfully achieve competitive edge in the market. MnM's work resulted in the client adopting a major digital transformation in the firm with projected savings of around ~USD 2 Million in the next 5 years.


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