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the client is a leading manufacturer of 3D printers and provides printers for metals, plastics, metal casting, and dental segments across the world. The client wanted MnM to perform a competitive intelligence (CI) study for top players in the 3D printing market in India. The client also wanted to understand the market share analysis of these players in the Indian 3D printing market. The other objectives of the study were to understand the shift in business growth by each player, growth strategies implemented by these players to increase their market share, etc. This study focused on assisting the client company in implementing different strategies to enhance its share and expand its presence in the market.


  • MnM was able to provide the client with an in-depth understanding of the 3D printing market in India.
  • The study also provided details about different marketing strategies adopted by companies to remain competitive in the market.
  • MnM delivered information on supply chain analysis and its changing structure according to customer needs.
  • MnM further provided detailed information regarding the key market trends and dynamics in the Indian 3D printing market.
  • The study also provided strategic recommendations to the client regarding high-growth product segments and regions.


Based on the strategies portrayed in the report from the Indian competitors, the client designed the best fit strategy for his company which resulted in the swift expansion of his revenues in the India market in the range of $80-120 million in one year.

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