MI Cloud allows all employees, regardless of rank, democratic access to cutting edge market research data. It helps B2B companies translate growth intelligence to revenue intelligence, enables teams and partners to collaborate on analysis, insights and decision making while identifying niche market opportunities arising out of disruptions. It also enables gathering of intelligence by taking advantage of proven and highly scalable data analysis and insights.

Revenue shifts of your clients: Government agencies worldwide have started focusing on the digitization of the construction industry to improve efficiency and productivity, and promote sustainable construction.  This is expected to increase the demand for IoT platforms and IoT professional services in the future. Also, facility managers will be required to keep track of equipment, notice when it starts wearing out, and replace it with newer machinery to avoid building operators from facing unexpected shutdowns, low production efficiency, and pitfalls in customer satisfaction. This is expected to lead to higher demand for IoT platforms and IoT professional services in facility management applications.

Unknowns: Building information modeling (BIM), widely used in architecture, is now being integrated with IoT platforms to provide end-to-end solutions—from the planning and design to the construction and asset management stages of a building’s life cycle. 

Interconnections: As part of government initiatives to promote energy efficiency and sustainable solutions, various industry 4.0 technologies, such as digital twin, AI, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing (NLP), predictive maintenance, and blockchain, are being implemented in the construction industry. These technologies have the potential to alter how buildings are designed, built, and managed.

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