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YC Shift: MNM identified revenue shifts in the client’s client ecosystem wherein the growing demand for autonomous vehicles would fuel the demand for drive-by-wire systems, as these vehicles use electrical and electronic intelligence.

Unknowns: A small planetary gearbox set with high strength gears and toothed carriers, all made from powder metal components in a by-wire actuator application, is a high-growth application opportunity. In the future, the use of powder metal ring gears instead of plastic gears will provide a lightweight, high-performing solution, and thus offer immense growth opportunities for by-wire actuators.

RI Created: MNM advised the client to tap into the market of supplying sintered metal components, such as a planetary gearbox, ring gears, and bearings, to by-wire actuator manufacturers. By targeting these components, the client can generate revenues of USD 80 million over the next five years. Some of the key growth areas for the market include e-drive traction motors and electric pumps in hybrid and fully electric vehicles.

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