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The client is a global conglomerate offering innovative products and solutions for health information management, medical, oral care, drug delivery and food safety. The client wanted to MnM to conduct competitive analysis study of the HCC risk adjustment market in the U.S. which includes major competitors/ vendors for Computer Assisted Coding, Healthcare Analytics, Point Solutions & EHR, also their product offerings & features, core competencies, pricing perception, brand awareness, need-gap analysis, growth strategies vis-à-vis client products in the market. Further, the client was interested in analyzing end-user perception, recent developments (New Product Launches, Partnerships, Agreements and Collaborations, Expansions, M&As) & strategies.

MnM Approach:
We conducted thorough Secondary research, that involved scanning through company websites, annual reports, corporate presentation and SEC filings, government websites, proprietary, MnM repository and unpaid databases in order to derive a preliminary understanding of the market. These sources were of key importance as it helped us in gaining critical insights about the key players in the market and their Risk Adjustment System/ product portfolio. Primary research involved identification of and conducting in-depth telephonic interviews with key industry experts, both from demand and supply side.

Primary and secondary research along with deep dive review, ranking companies by benchmarking them on various  parameters and cross validation approach was used to create deductive intelligence to deliver actionable insights/ strategic recommendations to the client.The strategic recommendations provided to the client helped them to target and position their Risk Adjustment System with a unique approach in the U.S. Risk Adjustment market

  • MnM was able to provide recommendations about product positioning and differentiation to develop the new product/ software with better features as well as to build value proposition 
  • MnM also provided the key decision makers to target, who play vital role in buying process of Risk Adjustment systems.
  • MnM was able to provide possible future opportunities and threats in Risk Adjustment market along with forecasting of market size.
  • The project also provided insights on the major competitors and their market share.
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