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Our client, a leading supplier of insulation materials and electronic circuits, was keen to build a substantive business in the warehouse automation market across Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. The senior management needed to take a host of crucial decisions—which warehouse automation equipment manufacturers to focus on, which system integrators to prioritize, which countries to focus on, and what offerings will help the company win. The client also wanted to understand the warehouse automation market in terms of equipment types—robots, conveyors, cranes, AGV, and ASRS.

MnM Approach

MnM started by identifying the key disruptive technology trends that were changing the revenue mix of our client as well as our client’s clients in the warehouse automation ecosystem across South East Asian countries—Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. MnM also interviewed a host of equipment manufacturers and system integrators in warehousing to understand their unmet needs, possible use cases, implementation projects, and benefits from the warehouse automation equipment—robots, conveyors, cranes, AGV, and ASRS. These discussions helped analyze the different manufacturing companies and implementation patterns of equipment in warehouses, along with related major companies and system integrators. 

MnM estimated the size of the market based on the warehousing demand for different types of equipment—robots, conveyors, cranes, AGV, and ASRS. Further, MnM also helped the client to build an understanding of the competitive landscape, varying business models, and strategies of different players. MnM tracked the OEMs and system integrators in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand in the warehouse automation space. MnM provided insights about business overview, product offerings, customers, manufacturing locations, services offered, agreements, contracts, and partnerships of the players. This helped the client to forge suitable alliances with manufacturers and system integrators to help it win in this market. 

Revenue Impact (RI)

We guided the client towards an opportunity worth approximately USD 500 million in the said market, with a projected growth rate of 14% in five years.

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