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Client’s Problem Statement
One of the largest technology companies in the energy and power sector in Europe was trying to identify the market potential for the deployment of technology in gas utilities. The company was also looking for vendors in the smart gas ecosystem.

MnM Approach
Market sizing and five-year forecast for technology solutions such as remote monitoring, analytics, and security, and services were provided along with the growth rate after an assessment of opportunities.
The competitive landscape covering organic and inorganic strategies, market-related developments, and smart gas-related offerings was identified and analyzed to ascertain the role of technology vendors and utilities in the ecosystem.
Region-wise analysis of the adoption of AMR and AMI meters was provided to showcase the level of automation each region was witnessing.

Revenue Impact (RI)
Our analysis helped the client tap into a USD11 billion market, with projected revenue of ~USD 5 million within three years from our recommendations.

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